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Sunday Night Community Group

Beginning January 13, 2019 we will be resuming our Sunday Night Community Group. We hope that you'll join us at 5:30pm in our downstairs fellowship area.

Community Group is simlpy the gathering together of belivers in order that we might live out the good news of the Gospel within reationships. In a world that has become increasingly marked by isolation and individualism, God reminds us throught His Word that he has designed life to be lived in relationships of trust and love. The christian life was always meant to be experienced within a community and never as an individual. Our vision of Community Group is one where we gather to experience the graces of a meal together, praying for one another and studying the Bible. As part of our vision for this ministry, a key component is the future multiplication of the group. Our earnest prayer is that the Lord would raise up several couples who are called to leard their own group. This would allow us to multiply the Community Group into other neighborhoods in our community.

First, multiplying groups will provide a means to reach out to neighbors and friends with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus. The best way to share Jesus with someone is to first build a friendship with them. We must earn the right to speak gospel truth into their lives. Earning this right takes time and community groups provide a vehicle to do exactly that.

Secondly, community groups can  provide a relationship -based entry point into church life for non-christians or those searching for a church home. Most people today have no connection or history with any church. Our culture and communities have ceased to be a place where the church is seen as needed or relavant to them personally. Our hope is that community groups can provide a relaxed atmosphere where people can be introduced to and experience the church and the Gospel, outside of the traditional Sunday morning gathering.

Third, it is our deep conviction that community groups are an excellant vehicle for decipleship. Jesus Himself calls belivers to go into the world and makes disciples of others. Yet, we can only make disciples if we are first, a growing disiple ourselves. Community groups provide a structure that includes many key elements to becoming a growing disciple of Jsus such as: a consistent time for communication with God and the study of his Word, accountability with other disciples, a deepening of relationships among each other and godly shepherding and leadership. It is for those reasons and more that we believe community groups are essential for our church.

We are excited to be resuming Community Group for the spring season here at Beverly and hope that you will join us at 5:30pm in our downstairs fellowship area. We are looking forward to seeing new and returning faces. Dinner will be provided.

Contact us for more information.

"and day by day they devoted themselves to attending the temple together and breakig bread with one another and they shared their food with joyful and generous hearts" Acts 2:46

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